The district of Nusle is a pleasant residential area offering quiet living and fast accessibility to the city center.

History of Nusle is very long. It is known already from the Medieval Ages , when the whole territory was mostly covered by vineyards. That is why a part of Nusle was called Vineyard Valley.

Younger generation will certainly appreciate good accessibility to the city center as well as the large amount of coffee shops and restaurants. For the families with children the close parks as Folimanka and Jezerka are a big advantage. Nusle are a good place for living even for the older generation due to the presence of all necessary amenities.

Charming old-fashioned streets and varieties of small shops , which have almost disappeared from the rest of Prague, turn this area into a nice non- anonymous place for living, so rare to be found in big cities.

Interesting places

  • The building of the Nusle Brewery founded at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries
  • Homestead Jezerka with popular Theater on Jezerka
  • Na Fidlova─Źce Theater with its chamber stage
  • The charming Square of the Sync Brothers, the heart of the Nusle district